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Research Areas 

The research areas cover communications, navigation, and control engineering.

ØCommunications area:
    Wireless communications, Smart antenna, Signal detection and channel estimation, Mobile radio propagation and channel modeling, GIS, Electronic navigational system, Optoelectronic devices, Image & radar signal processing, Adaptive signal processing, Digital communications, Coding and information theory, Image and video signal transmission systems, Spread spectrum communications.

ØNavigation area:
    Guidance and navigation, Estimation theory and applications, Flight dynamics and control, CAE, GPS receiver design, Mathematical navigation theory, Robust control theory, Geometric control and mechanics, Global Positioning System, Geographic Information System, Image processing, Programming language and software design.

ØControl area:
   Intelligent systems, Fuzzy control, Neural network control, Vehicle control, Robotics, FPGA/DSP implementation, Artificial intelligence, Ship maneuvering, Ship motion control, System identification, Embedded system Integration, Bioinformatics analysis by digital signal processing,Networked control system.



Research Facilities 

Three general laboratories:

Communications & Circuits

Guidance & Control




Research centers

Electronic Chart Research Center



Main facilities
    The main research facilities include high precision GPS and DGPS systems, inertial navigation systems, GPS simulator, GPS development system, ship motion measurement system, UNAC control design and simulator system, digital control system components, analogue control system components, GSM 1800 radio wave strength measuring system, multipath fading channel simulator, ADS communication simulation software and channel impulse response measuring system, digital signal processing system, multipath fading channel simulator, radar signal processing system, channel sounder, twin rotor MIMO system, fuzzy control system, wheeled mobile robot, neural network processor, StarGazer localization system, image real-time tracking FPGA development system, embedded system development board, dual adult PNEUVIEW system, LabVIEW I/O interface trainer.



Research  Labs
Signal Processing Lab
Mobile Information Lab
Wireless Broadband System Lab

Microwave & Electromagnetic Techniques  Lab
Network Communications and Systems Lab
Digital Communications and Signal Transmission Lab
Intelligent Control Lab
Mechatronics and Control Lab
Intelligent System Control Integration and Application Lab
Satellite Navigation Systems Lab